How to use to manage a fleet.

We put a great deal of thought into setting up the mileage manager to handle fleets... we thought about special fleet sign-in pages, uploading spreadsheets and comma separated lists and all sorts of complicated special features -- but why make things complicated?

You only need to know if the car is over mileage (or way under), so we thought it better to help you to get your drivers to do the signing up. This way they can come here, read all about it and sign up themselves. Hopefully this site will answer their questions so you don't have to spend time explaining it.


This is what we suggest you do:-

Copy and paste this text either into an email, a letter or both and send it to your drivers, you may want to change it and delete the bits that aren't appropriate to your company!

And that's it! Each message from us includes the car registration number so you can keep track of individual cars. The only other thing you may want to do is contact us for a discount if you have more than 15 cars in your fleet. You can find more handy help to manage your fleet on our article pages.

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